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What TWO FRIARGATE means for Coventry: A Q&A with Adam Hunt

As one of the most exciting developments in the region, TWO FRIARGATE is driving forward a new chapter for Coventry and will boast one of the most sustainable and desirable office spaces on offer once complete in April 2023. To find out more about this iconic development, and what this Grade A office space will bring to Coventry, we spoke with Adam Hunt, Strategic Lead for Property and Development at Coventry City Council.


TWO FRIARGATE is the latest development of the Friargate regeneration project in Coventry city centre. The 12-storey building will support the 37-acre business district by providing Grade A office space that has been designed to meet the needs and desires of a modern workforce.

Located adjacent to Coventry Railway Station, occupiers of TWO FRIARGATE will benefit from exceptional transport connections within the region and to hubs of economic activity across the country. Coventry is a city on the rise with a growing reputation as a cultural and economic hotspot in the Midlands and the UK, and TWO FRIARGATE is the latest signal of this fact.

CGI at dawn of external view of TWO FRIARGATE Grade A office space Coventry

How will TWO FRIARGATE support Coventry’s economy?

Supported by Coventry City Council and the West Midlands Combined Authority, TWO FRIARGATE has provided a significant injection of investment into Coventry city centre. As part of our efforts to deliver value for money for local people, we’ve ensured that the local economy reaps the benefits of the development to make use of the exceptional talent available right here in Coventry and the West Midlands.

Local businesses have been heavily involved with the project, including Coventry Construction Ltd who have provided the steel beams, and Warwickshire-based AR Demolition for their services in preparing the site. What is more, the scale of the development has provided employment opportunities to over 450 people from across the wider Midlands to support the construction.

How will it be one of the most sustainable office buildings in the region?

Once complete, TWO FRIARGATE will be a beacon for sustainability in Coventry and the wider West Midlands. Designed to use energy efficiently, the building is targeting a BREEAM Excellent accreditation, placing it among the top 10% for environmental performance. Natural light will also flow throughout the building’s office space, helping to create a productive and healthy working environment.

The building will also respond to the need for using sustainable energy sources and will be powered by the Heatline Coventry energy network – the first of its kind in the UK. This energy source provides low-carbon and low-cost heating, powered by waste from surrounding areas. Many public buildings in Coventry are already using the Heatline network with great success.

CGI of TWO FRIARGATE open plan floorplate - Grade A office space designed to encourage wellbeing and sustainability in the workplace

Will Coventry’s young people benefit from TWO FRIARGATE?

TWO FRIARGATE has already created valuable jobs and apprenticeships during its construction and a considerable number of these have been taken by young people. Many of the young people working on TWO FRIARGATE are in the formative stage of their careers and are benefiting from the opportunities to develop new skills and experiences.

While the project is delivering for young people here and now, it is also investing in the future by delivering the opportunities, experience and employer presence needed for Coventry’s next generation. After all, Coventry is one of the youngest cities in the UK, with two internationally renowned universities welcoming students from across the country and the world.

What have been the biggest challenges in delivering TWO FRIARGATE?

There have been varied and significant challenges on our journey for delivering TWO FRIARGATE, but two key ones come to mind.

Firstly, the decision to commit to taking forward the scheme came during the first wave of COVID-19 when there were considerable economic pressures and uncertainties. This meant that we had to take stakeholders across the region on a journey to articulate the benefits and opportunities of TWO FRIARGATE, to set out the positive case and what it could deliver for Coventry and the region.

Secondly, the scheme is located next to the major regeneration works that were taking place at Coventry Railway Station, which created logistical challenges for the development team to navigate. In response, we had to take a creative approach to minimise the impact of the construction on neighbouring businesses, employees, visitors, residents and commuters.

CGI of external view of TWO FRIARGATE offices Coventry showing ground floor restaurant amenities

What makes you feel proud about working on the project?

With Coventry City Council, I work next door to the site and seeing TWO FRIARGATE come out of the ground in front of my eyes over the past 18 months has been a great experience. I am also proud and immensely excited by the great opportunities the building represents for driving forward economic growth for local businesses and residents.

For more information on TWO FRIARGATE Grade A office space, please contact us.

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